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One Planet City Challenge
Climate change - a crisis cities can solve

To come on board for the 2023-24 One Planet City Challenge, either log into the CDP-ICLEI Track (opens April 3, 2023) and click to join the OPCC; speak to your local WWF office; or contact us at opcc@wwf.se. The reporting deadline is August 31, 2023. 

The climate crisis is the defining issue of our time and what we do today will help determine a safer future for everyone. It’s a planetary emergency where local action is crucial.

The One Planet City Challenge is our invitation to cities to stand up and be counted in the global action against climate change. Show the world what your city can do to help solve the crisis.

Our challenge is open to every local government on the planet, provided that they transparently report their climate work on a standardized international platform.

As a participant we will guide you towards science-based climate action, and shine the light on those of you that are frontrunners in your field. You will have ample opportunities for exchange, learning and recognition along the way.

Ultimately, we believe that we are united by the same goal – to create cities that enable people to thrive in balance with nature now and in the future. Read more

Why cities are important

Cities drive global GDP and generate the majority of the world’s carbon emissions. Cities are also the place where the rubber meets the road when it comes to climate action. When urban citizens want action, it is usually their  locally elected officials they turn to first – city officials have both the mandate and the influence to answer the call for climate action

Cities are where multiple, interlinked issues come into play, and where climate change solutions can be tried and tested. Cities can provide the world with much needed hope, ingenuity, and creativity.

Benefits to your city

  • Support in setting science-based targets that reflect Paris Agreement goals.
  • Customized feedback report on each city’s alignment with the Paris Agreement and assessment of their climate work including:
    • Support in understanding and structuring your overall climate performance
    • Guidance on science-based targets
  • Collaboration with leading city networks including the Global Covenant of Mayors, ICLEI, C40 and CDP.
  • Recognition of achievements on WWF and partners’ communications channels.
  • All OPCC finalists are invited to participate in the We Love Cities public engagement campaign
  • Toolbox with guidance on design of a climate action package and educational materials aimed at increasing public participation and involvement.
  • Opportunity to tap into available WWF programs on capacity-building, urban nature-based solutions, transport, waste, food and more.

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Information for participants

Find all the essential tools and resources to start your city’s journey toward a climate-friendly future.

Explore participant tools and resources


We Love Cities


Click below for more information on this widely successful public engagement campaign.

Learn more about We Love Cities

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Join the movement and inspire the world!

Email us at opcc@wwf.se for instructions on how to participate in the OPCC.


Victoria Olausson

Program Coordinator, One Planet City Challenge, WWF Cities

Barbara Evaeus

Global Communications Manager, One Planet City Challenge, WWF Cities