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27 May 2021

New report shows how forest restoration can benefit nature and people.

24 May 2021

People in the US, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar strongly support government action to ...

20 May 2021

WWF sought to assess the role NGOs have played in REDD+ policy development and REDD+ implementation ...

18 May 2021

The natural world is under threat. Scientists warn that 1m species, out of an estimated total of ...

11 May 2021

WWF's assessment of the National Determined Contributions of 15 countries in Latin American & the ...

01 Mar 2021

WWF Annual Review 2020

03 Feb 2021

Because most BSMs are at an early stage, lessons on implementation are scarce, but understanding of ...

17 Nov 2020

Countries can incorporate the full potential of forests in their NDCs.

05 Oct 2020

The Atlantic Forest is home to unique species such as the black lion tamarin or the giant otter, ...

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The Living Planet Report 2020


The Living Planet Report 2020

The findings of The Living Planet Report 2020 are clear. Our relationship with nature is broken.

Biodiversity - the rich diversity of life on Earth - is being lost at an alarming rate. The impacts of this loss on our well-being are mounting. And catastrophic impacts for people and planet loom closer than ever.

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