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20 Mar 2024

A new report highlights the importance of communities in conserving and managing resources, and ...

07 Nov 2023

The lifetime cost of plastic is 10 times higher for low-income countries than rich ones, according ...

24 Oct 2023

The world is off track to protect and restore forests by 2030, according to the new Forest Pathways ...

23 Oct 2023

WWF sets out our first global blueprint to save forests as new data reveals deforestation is ...

16 Oct 2023

A $58 trillion water crisis poses global grave risks, WWF’s report reveals.

15 Jun 2023

Understanding the hawksbill population status, distribution and connectivity between countries is ...

31 May 2023

What do people know about the importance of biodiversity and how has this knowledge changed over ...

24 May 2023

The context of current marine and terrestrial wildlife trafficking and related transboundary crime ...

18 May 2023

Six human-centred stories share challenges met and progress made over 15 years to protect and ...

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Living Planet Report 2022
The Living Planet Report 2022



A devastation fall in average wildlife populations since 1970 is revealed by the WWF's flagship Living Planet Report. Our future is critically dependent on biodiversity but the Living Planet Report shows we are losing it at an alarming rate.


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