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Public Engagement Guide for Cities
Public engagement & Cities
Local governments around the world are working to make their cities more sustainable and climate resilient. And as with all great challenges, the need for engaged and dedicated partners is clear.

Progressive cities have long recognized the power and potential of engaging key stakeholders in the creation and implementation of ambitious climate action plans. Many others are now waking up to this potential and are eager to reap the benefits of an informed and engaged citizenry - the people living, breathing and moving around your city on a daily basis. That's where public engagement comes in.

Public engagement is:

  • A way to tap into citizens’ resourcefulness and creativity
  • A way of translating citizens’ critique and feedback into a positive force.
  • A way of considering if and how certain aspects of decision making, or implementation, might be shared or even turned over to the public.


Public Engagement Guide

Our guide can be downloaded via the links below in English or in Spanish. 

Transforming Cities Together - The WWF Public Engagement Guide for Cities

As part of our work with the One Planet City Challenge (OPCC), we conducted a survey to highlight the experiences and ideas of cities that have used public engagement to achieve their climate and sustainability goals. WWF then conducted follow-up interviews and consulted with expert city planners to create this guide. Our aim is to offer city planners a springboard from which to begin their own public engagement efforts. The guide has three main sections:

  • 5 Factors for success – these tips will help guide your individual and organizational approach to public engagement.
  • Examples from WWF’s One Planet City Challenge partners and others – these examples will show you how other cities engaged their public.
  • Questions to consider – these questions will help you start planning for your own public engagement.

Five factors for success