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Urban Solutions
Cities as live climate-action laboratories

WWF's Urban Solutions are case studies that highlight cities that have joined the journey toward a climate-friendly, one-planet future. Urban Solutions cities are all over the map – in the best possible way! These case studies document the innovative plans, policies, and actions cities have taken to combat climate change – ideas we can all learn from. 

Explore the map for inspiration and scroll through the list to read about the most recent year’s One Planet City Challenge participants.


UrbanArt videos




Inspiring examples – learning cases

Urban Solutions has amassed an amazing archive of real-life examples of how cities are working to reduce emissions, minimize their environmental footprints, and protect biodiversity and ecosystem services. The archive and the handbook have been created to educate and inspire. Ultimately the goal is simple – cities where people and nature thrive.

For more inspiration see the full version of the Urban Green on YouTube. We hope you’ll watch, enjoy and share!


Jennifer Lenhart, Phd

Global Lead, WWF Cities


Barbara Evaeus

Global Communications Manager, WWF Cities