29 May 2023

Pasaules Dabas Fonds, an associate partner of WWF, has successfully removed the Beja dam in Latvia ...

15 May 2023

Many companies rely on commodities to manufacture the products and services they sell. They should ...

12 May 2023

Despite making progress towards more effective and equitable management of tuna fisheries, the ...

11 May 2023

The most recent climate science from the IPCC shows that emissions are still rising - but also that ...

05 May 2023

WWF will call on the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC), meeting in Mauritius 8-12 May, to reduce ...

03 May 2023

In an open letter, WWF's Manuel Pulgar-Vidal calls on leaders to accelerate progress on three key ...

03 May 2023

Last December’s UN Kunming-Montreal Agreement, which committed the world to reverse nature loss by ...

02 May 2023

Tuna play important roles in ocean ecosystems and overfishing harms ocean health, writes WWF Oceans ...

31 Mar 2023

WWF applauds the growing number of states calling for a pause, ban or moratorium on deep seabed ...

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