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15 Mar 2019

World leaders gathered at a major United Nations meeting in Nairobi this week have failed to agree ...

13 Mar 2019

Today, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) celebrates the sixth anniversary of APP’s Forest Conservation Policy ...

11 Mar 2019

Nairobi, Kenya 11 March 2019 - As global environment leaders gather at the Fourth UN Environmental ...

07 Mar 2019

Eleven regions of the Russian Caucasus have adopted new Forest Management Regulations that include ...

05 Mar 2019

Global plastics pollution has been created in one generation and, with system-wide accountability, ...

01 Mar 2019

The announcement will help catalyze action on global restoration commitments.

20 Feb 2019

​The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) will introduce major new updates to enable companies ...

18 Feb 2019

Game-changing Respond section added to WWF's unique tool

17 Feb 2019

The Dutch Development Bank will fund the development of potential wastewater treatment projects in ...

15 Feb 2019

WWF has welcomed the decision by the government of the Republic of Congo to regulate the opening up ...

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