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04 Dec 2020

The announcement by President Iván Duque defines Colombia’s climate ambition and stakes its claim ...

04 Dec 2020

Report is big boost for WWF’s efforts to safeguard Donana wetland, a World Heritage and Ramsar site

04 Dec 2020

The Scottish Government says it is determined to engage with and raise global climate ambition ...

03 Dec 2020

WWF has long highlighted how the climate crisis is a major threat to nature as well as people. And ...

03 Dec 2020

Increasing awareness about their plight and importance is key to saving the 5 remaining river ...

02 Dec 2020

UK government signals their intention to be global climate leaders with bold climate commitment.

02 Dec 2020

The UN Secretary-General delivered a landmark speech at Colombia University on the state of the ...

30 Nov 2020

Data from August 2019 to July 2020 points to the government's failure to stop environmental crime ...

24 Nov 2020

Discover the findings of the Independent Panel, responding to reports of human rights abuses in ...

23 Nov 2020

As we respond to the global health and climate crises, we must ensure we rebuild more resilient, ...

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