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One Planet City Challenge

For a world where we all thrive

The One Planet City Challenge (OPCC) is WWF's invitation to cities to join us on our ongoing mission: the creation of cities that enable people to thrive in balance with nature now and in the future. In this friendly competition, we celebrate national and global frontrunners. We review cities’ climate actions and ambitions, and assess whether they align with the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement. WWF supports cities in accelerating their climate transformation and showcases participants’ be

Cities drive global GDP and generate the majority of the world’s carbon emissions. Yet cities also project human hope, ingenuity, and creativity.  

The OPCC format creates friendly competition between cities while celebrating the best and brightest ideas, actions, people, and policies. WWF reviews cities’ progress and assesses whether actions align with the Paris Agreement.

Joining the Challenge is an ideal way for cities to keep themselves motivated to make needed and desired changes. Over the past ten years almost 600 cities from 53 countries and five continents have participated. It is the largest and longest-running challenge of its kind.

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Ready to inspire the world?

Will your city be the next to join the impressive group of global winners?

Email us at opcc@wwf.se for instructions on how to participate in the OPCC.


The Challenge at a glance

  • The One Planet City Challenge (OPCC) celebrates national and global frontrunners in climate action.
  • We raise the global profile of participating cities, and build awareness and support for success at COP26 and future climate events.
  • OPCC participants have reported a total emissions reduction potential of 3.9Gt GHG (by 2050) using CDP-ICLEI’s globally recognized reporting system.
  • The OPCC process creates transformational leadership by helping cities acquire needed skills and strategies to achieve their ambitious goals.


Benefits to your city

  • Support in setting science-based targets that reflect Paris Agreement goals.
  • A Strategic Feedback Report with an independent review of your city’s climate action plan based on CDP-ICLEI unified reporting system.
  • Collaboration with leading city networks including the Global Covenant of Mayors, ICLEI, C40 and CDP.
  • Recognition of achievements on WWF and partners’ communications channels.
  • All OPCC finalists are invited to participate in the We Love Cities public engagement campaign
  • Toolbox with guidance on design of a climate action package and educational materials aimed at increasing public participation and involvement.
  • Opportunity to tap into available WWF programs on capacity-building, urban nature-based solutions, transport, waste, food and more.

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Information for participants

Find all the essential tools and resources to start your city’s journey toward a climate-friendly future.

Explore participant tools and resources



Click below for more information on this widely successful public engagement campaign.

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Our jury members

The One Planet City Challenge jury is comprised of leading experts within the field of urban sustainablity from around the globe. With extensive local and regional knowledge jury members are uniquely qualified to evaluate the contribution of participating cities in achieving the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement. 


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Join the movement and inspire the world!

Email us at opcc@wwf.se for instructions on how to participate in the OPCC.



Anthony Pearce

Program Coordinator, One Planet City Challenge, WWF Cities

Barbara Evaeus

Global Communications Manager, One Planet City Challenge, WWF Cities