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Our mission is to stop the degradation of our planet's natural environment, and build a future in which people live in harmony with nature.

Our work

Our six global goals

Around the world, we focus our efforts toward achieving six major goals:

We want to ensure that the world’s most important fisheries and ocean ecosystems are productive and resilient and improve livelihoods and biodiversity; the most iconic and endangered species are secured and recovering in the wild; the integrity of our most important forests, including their benefits to human well-being, is enhanced and maintained; freshwater ecosystems and flow regimes provide water for people and nature; a global shift toward a low carbon and climate resilient future is achieved; and that sustainable food systems conserve nature and maintain food security.

3 cross-cutting drivers

At the same time, we’re concentrating on three key drivers of environmental problems: transforming international markets; moving away from unsustainable financial systems; and tackling the inequitable global governance system.