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WWF works specifically to engage and motivate the world’s cities and urban population to reduce emissions and adapt to a warmer world. Our actions are in support of a world where people and nature thrive.

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One Planet City Challenge

WWF engages cities and citizens to increase leadership and adaptation of innovative climate solutions that align with the 1.5C goal of the Paris Agreement. The goal: cities where people and nature thrive.

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Urban Solutions

Urban Solutions is a live archive of cities’ achievements on the road to sustainable prosperity. The case studies we’ve assembled show the best, brightest, most innovative ideas and policies for urban climate action.

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Public Engagment Guide for Cities

Progressive cities have long recognized the power and potential of engaging key stakeholders in the creation and implementation of ambitious climate action plans. WWF’s Transforming Cities Together guides city planners in their efforts to engage the public so that they may benefit from their knowledge and on-the-ground experience.

Public Engagemen Guide for Cities

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We Love Cities

We Love Cities is the public engagement arm of WWF’s One Planet City Challenge. Through the We Love Cities messaging and campaign, WWF aids OPCC finalist cities in taking their climate plans to the people!

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Urban Nature-based Solutions

Nature must be at the heart of our cities: the places we work, play and engage. Urban nature-based solutions address multiple challenges, including climate change and biodiversity loss, disaster risk, water and food security, human health and socio-economic development


Urban Nature-based Solutions

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Urban Food Systems 

Food is necessary for all life, but it also takes a toll on our planet. WWF is using a systems-approach to tackle this challenge and to advance sustainable food systems in cities.  

Urban food systems

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Healthy Cities

Healthy Cities are vibrant cities. WWF provides resources and guidance in re-imagining mobility and helping cities create low-carbon, active transport streets.

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Financing Sustainable Cities

Growing urban populations means new infrastructure, which means Financing Sustainable Cities. WWF works with city planners and the finance sector to ensure infrastructure investments are sustainable and 1.5°C compatible.

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Youth Visions and Solutions

Youth Visions and Solutions focuses on capacity strengthening, engagement and motivation of youth, and commitment of city authorities towards developing 1.5°C trajectories. A climate safe future requires active participation and innovation from our youth.

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