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WWF Cities' Accelerated sub-national climate action and participation through the One Planet City Challenge


LIFE ASAP's goal is to accelerate climate action in EU cities. WWF will be working with cities in Sweden, Romania, Portugal and Hungary. WWF is adapting the One Planet City Challenge for use with different reporting platforms to allow assessment of participating cities’ climate action plans against EU climate policies and legislation. Cities will receive a tailored assessment and also receive support in reaching out and engaging their citizens, as well as important stakeholder groups, in their climate plans.

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WWF’s One Planet City Challenge is our invitation to cities to stand up and be counted in the global action against climate change. Show the world what your city can do to help solve the crisis. We guide cities towards science-based climate action, and shine the light on those that are frontrunners in the field. There are many opportunities for exchange, learning and recognition along the way.

During the pilot phase, WWF in Sweden, Portugal, Romania and Hungary is working with a select group of cities to support their climate action data reporting and adapt the OPCC Assessment Framework to fit local conditions. WWF will also work with local community groups, in particular youth, to engage them in the cities’ sustainability efforts. Participating cities will be offered participation in a bespoke round of WWF’s city social media public engagement campaign We Love Cities.

We welcome you to join us on our mission to create cities that thrive in balance with nature, now and in the future.

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