Making the Global Plastics Treaty work for Micro-, Small-, and Medium-sized Enterprises

Posted on July, 05 2024

New report by WWF and Ellen MacArthur Foundation analyses how to make the global plastic pollution treaty work for micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). The report also makes recommendations for how global rules across the plastic value chain can stimulate new marked opportunities.
MSMEs represent 90% of businesses worldwide. They are engines of innovation, particularly in the plastics industry, which is crucial for achieving sustainability goals. MSMEs provide 70% of employment opportunities globally, highlighting their importance in economic development.
The study showed that there is strong support among MSMEs for a robust and legally binding plastics treaty and that effective and fair implementation of global rules can unlock significant opportunities for MSMEs. The study highlights seven global rules under consideration that, if well-implemented, could drive innovation and create new market opportunities.

These opportunities span across various sectors including alternative materials, reuse and refill systems, and enhanced recycling and waste management.
Report by WWF & Ellen MacArthur Foundation