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Our cause

The well-being and even survival of humanity are threatened by the global crisis facing the natural world. Working alongside our partners and supporters, WWF is a global leader in building a sustainable future for people and planet. 

We face a global crisis for people and planet. Of wildlife and natural systems in decline. Of vulnerable communities hit hard by nature loss and climate destabilization.  

WWF, an independent conservation organization, is a global leader in tackling the world’s most complex environmental challenges facing people and nature.

Together with our many partners and supporters, we are shifting thinking and investment towards building a sustainable future for all life on Earth.

We’ve already made significant progress for people and planet. But the pace of change must accelerate if we are to succeed.

So if you have yet to make your own contribution, we urge you to get involved.


Our ambition is clear:  

  • To halt and reverse nature loss – delivering a nature-positive world by 2030 where there is more nature than a decade earlier. 
  • To stabilize the global climate before the most catastrophic consequences become inevitable.
  • And to build the foundations for a safer and fairer future for people for generations to come.  


How we take action

We deliver positive impacts for people and nature through our conservation efforts in over 100 countries and through the following nine global WWF teams that draw together our expertise from around the world:



We work to halt deforestation and forest degradation, protect and sustainably manage forests, and restore forest landscapes.


Of all the water on Earth, only 2.5% is fresh water. We strive to protect and revive the rivers and wetlands that sustain people and nature.


People depend on oceans for so much – oxygen, food, livelihoods and more. We're working to ensure their resources are managed sustainably.


The planet’s wildlife, essential for so many important things in people’s lives, is in crisis. We are working for wildlife and people to thrive again.

Climate & Energy

We're working for an equitable and just transition that limits warming to 1.5°C,  protects people and nature, and builds a climate-resilient future.


We all need to eat but our food systems are failing. Our goal is to create sustainable food systems that ensure food security and protect nature.


We’re working to ensure the finance sector takes account of environmental risk, drives sustainable practices and invests for sustainable development.


We are working for an equitable, just and inclusive approach to conservation for better, fairer decision-making that supports sustainable development.


The complex web of global supply and demand touches every corner of the planet. We’re working to create markets that are good for nature and people.

Did you know that WWF is a global network of national organizations bound together by a common vision?

If you want to find out about our global work, this website – wwf.panda.org – provides lots of useful information

If you want to know about what we do in a particular nation, access our country-level websites at wwf.org.