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WWF’s Global Ocean Campaign aims to profile the importance of conserving marine habitats for food security, livelihoods and sustainable development, and to deliver policy and place-based marine conservation wins. The first campaign action is to save the Great Barrier Reef from the threat to dump seabed waste from dredging for a coal export terminal within the GBR World Heritage Site. “The Great Barrier Reef is one of the planet’s richest ocean habitats, home to endangered species, a valuable economic asset for Australia, and a natural treasure for the whole world. Turning the reef into a dumping ground is the wrong choice for the environment and makes no business sense, particularly to build ports that are unnecessary,” said WWF-International Director General Marco Lambertini.
Illegal Wildlife Trade
WWF is addressing a massive recent escalation in illegal killing and trade of rare and endangered species especially elephants, rhino and tiger. The aim is to persuade governments at the highest levels that wildlife crime is serious and must be addressed effectively and urgently for the sake of wildlife, their habitats, sustainable economic development and national security.
WWF’s Year of the Tiger campaign in 2010 was central to mobilizing the global effort to save the tiger. With many partners, we helped shape the global strategy to double tiger numbers. And in the tiger range states, we worked with governments and others to create the national plans that underpin it. Now we are seeing the results.
WWF supports and organizes different campaigns aimed to stop degradation of natural habitats and raise awareness on hot environmental issues.