Latest species news
28 May 2024

IMO has adopted new measures for the prevention and suppression of wildlife smuggling in maritime ...

20 Mar 2024

“Wildlife crime often converges with transnational organized crime, such as trafficking in illicit ...

15 Feb 2024

“At WWF we are convinced that achieving ecological connectivity is the challenge of our time. ...

10 Nov 2023

The outcomes were more positive than otherwise, especially with regard to tigers and other Asian ...

06 Nov 2023

WWF is urging for strong decisions from the CITES Standing Committee which meets in Geneva this ...

16 Jun 2023

Understanding the hawksbill population status, distribution and connectivity between countries is ...

25 May 2023

Alarming rates of wildlife trafficking have been discovered in the Sulu-Celebes Sea within ...

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Latest species publications
05 Jun 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a dramatic impact on the global community; on people’s lives and ...

25 Sep 2019

WWF has conducted the largest consumer survey about ivory trade in China – 2,000 people in 15 ...

06 Sep 2019

A Framework for Understanding Nature-related Risk to Business

11 Apr 2019

50 years of collaboration for whale and dolphin conservation

13 Apr 2015

WWF and Global Initiative report on gaps in global legal architecture

31 Mar 2015

Strategy to guide conservation of Central Africa's declining western gorillas and chimpanzees

06 Mar 2015

Findings highlight the scale of the illegal trade, particularly in South East Asia

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