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13 Jan 2021

A new WWF report has revealed how and why our planet has lost an area the size of California to ...

10 Dec 2020

New technical guide describes how to run a participatory, consensus-led evaluation of ecosystem ...

30 Nov 2020

Data from August 2019 to July 2020 points to the government's failure to stop environmental crime ...

20 Nov 2020

New report shows the long-term benefits of restoring forests outweigh the costs.

17 Nov 2020

Countries can incorporate the full potential of forests in their NDCs.

22 Oct 2020

A new Russian government decree* will allow forestry, including timber harvesting, on abandoned ...

21 Oct 2020

WWF welcomes the National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) published by the Forest Stewardship ...

19 Oct 2020

New artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring technology in Russia, supported by the WWF and IKEA ...

16 Oct 2020

TRANSGREEN and Bulgarian Old-Growth Forest Protection; LENA Shortlisted for a Third

01 Oct 2020

​The WWF’s Landscape Sourcing Report: Sustainable Business Using the Landscape Approach makes a ...

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