WWFs One Planet City Challenge – for a thriving world
WWFs aim is to support the creation of One Planet Cities across the globe – cities that enable all people to thrive and prosper while respecting the ecological limits of our one and only planet. Cities where people live in harmony with nature - today and in the future.

The One Planet City Challenge (OPCC) is our invitation to cities to join us on this mission. In this friendly competition, we celebrate national and global frontrunners. We review cities’ climate actions and ambitions, and assess whether they align with the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement. WWF supports cities in accelerating their climate transformation and showcases participants’ best practices.

The OPCC is the largest and longest running competition of its kind. Close to 600 cities from 53 countries on 5 continents have already participated since its inception 10 years ago. All reporting their goals and actions to reduce carbon emissions and adapt their city to the effects of climate change.

Join the journey toward a world where nature and people thrive!


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Today over half of the world’s population lives in cities that generate over 80% of the global GDP, as well as over 70% of the world’s carbon emissions. And while urban lifestyles adversely affect the climate and the planet’s biodiversity, cities are also innovation hotspots that provide transformative solutions for tackling these threats.

The One Planet City Challenge at a glance:

  • The One Planet City Challenge (OPCC) is a friendly competition celebrating cities that are national and global frontrunners that demonstrate ambitious climate actions
  • We rally support from cities worldwide during this ‘superyear’ for the planet to ensure a successful outcome at COP26
  • OPCC aims to increase ambitions in the quality and number of cities registering their climate data through the globally recognized unified reporting system supplied by CDP-ICLEI. To date OPCC participants have reported a total emissions reduction potential of 3.9Gt GHG by 2050.
  • We aim to create transformational leadership and encourage cities to develop the needed skills and strategies to achieve this.
  • WWF is a part of the Science Based Target Network (SBTN) and the UNs Race to Zero campaign.

How your city will benefit:

  • Support in setting science-based targets that reflect your city’s fair share of the Paris Agreement and its goal of limiting climate change to 1.5 °C.
  • Receive a Strategic Feedback Report with an independent review covering your city’s climate ambition and its alignment with the Paris Agreement, as well as your city’s climate action package
  • Entry to the ‘glocal’ urban arena through WWFs collaboration with leading city networks such as the Global Covenant of Mayors, ICLEI and C40
  • Participants’ achievements and best practices are highlighted for the world to see through WWF’s and partners’ communications channels
  • Profiling of finalists in We Love Cities – a public engagement campaign where your citizens are offered the opportunity to express their support for your sustainability work and to submit their suggestions to further accelerate change.
  • Access to a toolbox containing additional guidance on your climate action package, a guide to public engagement, as well as educational materials to support your youth in co-creating their future low-carbon city.
  • Opportunity to tap into national WWF programs, where available, on capacity-building, urban nature-based solutions, transport, waste, food and more.[TC4] [VO5]  

Please Join us!

Participate in the OPCC by reporting your climate actions and plans on the CDP-ICLEI unified reporting system and click the 'join’ button for OPCC during that process. Email opcc@wwf.se for further guidance or contact your local WWF office. Read more about our method and process here.


We Love Cities is a public engagment campaign that raises support for ambitious climate action in cities around the globe. Through this platform WWF gives voice to millions of people who love their cities and are eager to see them become sustainability leaders. 

Last year We Love Cities saw participation from 54 finalists on 6 continents - representing over 112 million citizens. 1.2 million votes and 79,000 improvement suggestions were submitted during the four week campaign. 

Read about the We Love Cities Campaign

The One Planet City Challenge jury is comprised of leading experts within the field of urban sustainablity from around the globe. With extensive local and regional knowledge jury members are uniquely qualified to evaluate the contribution of participating cities in achieving the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement. 




Victoria Olausson

Program Coordinator, One Planet City Challenge, WWF Cities

Barbara Evaeus

Global Communications Manager, One Planet City Challenge, WWF Cities