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WWF's Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard assesses major retailers, consumer goods manufacturers and food service companies from around the world on their performances, actions and commitments toward responsible purchasing of palm oil.

The Scorecards aim to:

  • hold up a mirror to major palm oil buyers, setting a baseline level of performance to measure their improvements on sustainable palm oil sourcing over the coming years;

  • build awareness of sustainable palm oil among companies, and demonstrate that companies can be part of the solution;

  • show palm oil producers around the world that there is a mainstream and growing market for sustainably produced palm oil.

WWF’s latest Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard (2020) assessed 173 retailers, manufacturers and food service companies headquartered in Europe, North America and Asia. The scorecard revealed that while some companies are making commendable progress on sustainable palm oil, others, including brands whose products we consume daily, are doing little or nothing at all.

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