Unlocking finance for nature and people
Investing in business and enterprise that sustains vital ecosystem services such as clean air and water, food production, and a stable climate, will accelerate the transition to an equitable, net zero, nature-positive global economy.
WWF Green Financial Solutions
Through developing green financial solutions, we promote the reallocation of capital to companies, projects, and activities that shape more sustainable practices across the real economy, that benefit people and communities, and that contribute to the conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Supporting this shift, we collaborate with partners across the public and private sectors to develop innovative models, approaches, and initiatives that are replicable and scalable.

Our work on green financial solutions covers five areas:
  • financial products and solutions
  • bankable nature solutions
  • standard-setting, metrics, and guidelines (including for green bonds)
  • financing mechanisms for conservation
  • start-up and ventures
Watch the video above, or read our briefing to find out more.
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Scaling Impact
Financing green, greening finance
WWF works on ‘financing green’ – increasing investment in sustainable development; and ‘greening finance’ – improving the integration of environmental risks and opportunities into financial decision-making.

Through our ‘financing green’ work with financial institutions and other stakeholders, we are developing real world solutions and delivering positive outcomes for people, communities, and the environment.

These demonstrate the potential to scale impact through replicating successful initiatives, accelerating investment in natural capital and nature-positive activities, and driving wider financial system reform.

We welcome proposals for innovative green financial solutions and partnership. For more information about our work, please visit panda.org/finance, and if you would like to explore opportunities for collaboration, please contact us on finance@wwfint.org.