Nature Challenge Africa
This is a business plan competition targeting entrepreneurs supporting green businesses in Kenya. It is an initiative of WWF Kenya Country Office in collaboration with the National Environment Trust Fund.

About the Nature Challenge

This ‘business driven conservation’ incubator model aims to maximize the environmental returns per shilling invested. The goal is to:
  1. Identify business models that have a positive and large impact on natural resources and nature conservation and
  2. Ensure access to (inter) national markets, technology and finance for the most viable business cases.

The Nature Challenge offers access to a mix of national and international seed capital, working capital and/or equity, as well as linkages to buyers and technical support for viable biodiversity business models that directly contribute to sustainable use of natural resources and conservation in Kenya.


The initiative focuses on business being the driver for conservation. For example:

  • Use of waste to produce bio-charcoal, biodiesel fencing posts, organic manure and other products
  • Agro-forestry schemes-honey production, herbal medicines etc
  • Forestry for conservation, timber and/or carbon finance
  • Use of alternative energy, biogas, solar application, energy saving stoves
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Eco tourism
  • Water, and many more!


WWF-Kenya Country Office

Johnstone Mulary
Project Manager-Nature Challenge

National Environment Trust Fund

Judy Mumbi
Project Manager-Nature Challenge

Nature Challenge Africa

Who is targeted?

Small and medium sized businesses and producer organizations that:

Have a high-growth and/or innovative business plan that support conservation & biodiversity.
Provide long term benefits to the local communities.
Are solid or potentially commercially viable.
Seek finance in the range of US$10,000 and US$1 million.

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Nature Challenge Africa