The principal focus of the Freshwater Programme is to ensure that freshwater resources in the region are managed in a sustainable manner that maintains ecosystem functions and services.
Conserving freshwater ecosystems ensures adequate availability of freshwater for nature and humans. Fishing in Lake Naivasha, Kenya. © WWF-EARPO / Robert NDETEI

Given the extent of the region and local demand for freshwater resources management, WWF-EARPO is focusing its energies on 4 geographic areas and 4 thematic areas.

The 4 geographic areas are:

The 4 thematic areas are

In its freshwater portfolio in Eastern Africa, WWF works on conservation and management of wetlands, river basins and policies that enhance management of water resources.

WWF works within the provisions of the Ramsar Convention to realize this goal in areas such as Lakes Naivasha, Bogoria and Nakuru, that have been declared Ramsar Sites.