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New Deal for Nature & People

Nature is in the red

Nature underpins our prosperity and well-being but our planet’s natural systems are in severe decline.
The good news is that we have an unmissable opportunity to shape a better future that puts nature on the path to recovery.

Through 2020 and 2021, world leaders will take key decisions on the environment, climate change and sustainable development that will set the global agenda for the next decade.

When they do, it’s vital they prioritise the well-being of both nature and people.

That’s why we’re calling on governments around the world to deliver an ambitious New Deal for Nature and People that reverses nature loss and secures a better future for everyone.

Nature Positive by 2030


Find out more about a New Deal for Nature & People - read the briefing.

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Uniting the business voice for nature

Many businesses rely on nature – not just for resources such as meat, fish, timber, and fibre but also for services like pollination and clean water, as well as healthy customers and workforces.
Nature loss threatens all of these things and puts the global economy at risk, and sectors that depend on nature like food, farming and forestry are especially vulnerable.

That’s why with partners, WWF has helped set up Business for Nature – a global coalition of influential organisations and forward-thinking companies who are taking action for nature, influencing decision-makers and transforming the global economy.

And just as forward-thinking companies helped shape the Paris Agreement on climate change in 2015, they now have an opportunity to help secure a New Deal for Nature and People in 2020.

Business Commitments

360 forward-thinking companies have already made commitments that will help reverse nature loss and restore the planet’s vital natural systems on which economies, well-being and prosperity depend

Business for Nature Partners

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What business can do for nature

Business has a critical role to play in reversing nature loss. Forward-thinking companies can future-proof their business by making commitments, taking action and calling for change.
Commit to nature
Companies can commit to protecting and investing in nature, including by setting greenhouse gas emissions reductions targets through the Science-Based Targets initiative, and by supporting the Science Based Targets Network which is developing approaches that will help companies set targets for nature.

Act for nature
Companies can deliver on commitments by acting for nature in places that are important for wildlife and biodiversity, especially those where they operate or from which they source commodities like timber or palm oil.

Advocate for nature
Companies can present a united business voice for nature and influence decision-makers in key business and policy fora by joining the Business for Nature coalition and supporting its policy recommendations and call to action.


World leaders must commit to an ambitious New Deal for Nature & People that protects and restores nature by 2030 – safeguarding at least 30 per cent of natural spaces and sustainably managing the rest, while limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

Add your voice for the planet to show we need urgent action for a New Deal for Nature & People.

Corporate engagement in action

This map shows a selection of case histories of businesses which took the challenge transferring theory into practice, going beyond target-setting and advocacy to actual on-the-ground transformative action, in their supply chains and beyond.

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