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Our tools & initiatives


WWF Risk Filter Suite

The WWF Water Risk Filter is part of the WWF’s Risk Filter Suite and provides a comprehensive and free tool to help corporate and portfolio-level screening of water risks in order to support the prioritisation of action on what and where it matters the most as a way to enhance business resilience and contributing to a sustainable future.


Global Water Watch

Global Water Watch, backed by Google and the Water, Peace, and Security Partnership, is a free, globally accessible data platform offering near-real-time information on water. It aids decision-makers in responding to extreme weather events and addressing climate change risks by providing data on reservoirs and river systems worldwide.


Basin Report Cards

Limited participation and understanding of water issues hampers informed decision-making. The Basin Report Card process helps stakeholders create science-based report cards in their own basins with the right buy-in on-the-ground and credibility globally, so they can better manage resources for the protection of fresh water they depend upon.


The Freshwater Challenge

The Freshwater Challenge is a nation-led initiative targeting the restoration of 30% of degraded freshwater ecosystems by 2030, involving 300,000 km of rivers and 350 million hectares of wetlands. Governed by national priorities, it emphasizes inclusive, collaborative efforts with indigenous people, local communities, and various stakeholders to define and implement restoration targets.