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10 Jun 2021

​Nineteen companies and investors across sectors, ranging from major market actors alongside ...

19 May 2021

Global soy traders are not doing enough to prevent the devastating impacts of soy production on ...

17 May 2021

Hamburg timber trader sentenced for illegal imports from Myanmar.

17 May 2021

Research shows alarming lack of transparency in official data.

12 May 2021

For nearly 20 years WWF and Inter IKEA Group have partnered to drive positive environmental impact ...

25 Mar 2021

The overall declining trend of both African elephant species calls for increased support by donors, ...

11 Mar 2021

A year after the COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered peoples’ lives, societies and economies, ...

13 Jan 2021

A new WWF report has revealed how and why our planet has lost an area the size of California to ...

10 Dec 2020

New technical guide describes how to run a participatory, consensus-led evaluation of ecosystem ...

30 Nov 2020

Data from August 2019 to July 2020 points to the government's failure to stop environmental crime ...

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