WWF’s Discussion Paper: Navigating the Landscape of Palm Bioenergy - Opportunities, Challenges, and Responsible Practices for a Sustainable Future

Posted on 09 November 2023

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is addressing the urgent need to strike a balance between renewable energy development and the conservation of our planet's fragile ecosystems. WWF has undertaken extensive research and engaged in constructive dialogue to explore the potential of palm bioenergy as a sustainable energy source. Today, WWF is releasing a discussion paper that sheds light on the opportunities and challenges linked to palm bioenergy, with an emphasis on responsible practices to minimise adverse ecological and social impacts.


The primary objective of this discussion paper is to present a comprehensive analysis of palm bioenergy, drawing from scientific studies, expert opinions, and stakeholder perspectives. By critically examining the benefits and drawbacks of palm bioenergy, WWF aims to facilitate an informed discourse that supports decision-making processes at local, national, and international levels.

  • The paper begins by providing a thorough overview of palm bioenergy, highlighting the key feedstock sources, and discussing its various applications in the energy sector.
  • Subsequently, the paper delves into the environmental implications of palm bioenergy, exploring its impact on deforestation, biodiversity loss, and carbon emissions.
  • Additionally, the discussion extends to the social dimensions surrounding palm bioenergy.
  • To foster a holistic understanding of the topic, this paper highlights innovative approaches and emerging technologies that hold the potential to enhance the sustainability of palm bioenergy production and minimise its ecological footprint.

This comprehensive analysis of palm bioenergy aims to inform policymakers, supply chain actors, and civil society with a balanced assessment of the challenges and opportunities inherent with this energy source. The paper’s analysis is aimed at contributing to the formulation of evidence-based strategies that harmonise economic growth with environmental stewardship, paving the way for a sustainable future that benefits both energy needs and ecosystems.


For more information, please contact:

Ahmad Furqon, Technical Manager, WWF Global Palm Oil, afurqon@wwf.sg 

Prachi Jadhav, Manager, Communications and Advocacy, WWF Global Palm Oil, pjadhav@wwf.sg