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Case Studies: Energy Efficiency in Action

For over 25 years, WWF has been promoting energy efficiency, given its importance in the effort to avert catastrophic climate change. This report showcases ten WWF energy efficiency initiatives around the world.

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Enhancing Nationally Determined Contributions Through Protected Areas
PDF 8.78 MB
15 Signals: Evidence the Energy Transition is Underway
PDF 1.26 MB
Power Sector Vision 2050
PDF 5.82 MB
Swept under the rug: How G7 Nations Conceal Public Financing for Coal Around the World
PDF 944 KB
Twin Tracks: Developing sustainably and equitably in a carbon-constrained world report
PDF 375 KB
The incompatibility of high-efficient coal technology with 2°C scenarios report
PDF 951 KB
Megatrends in the global energy transition report
PDF 1.67 MB
Loss and damage - climate reality in the 21st century
PDF 2.35 MB
Twin Tracks - developing sustainably and equitably in a carbon constrained world
PDF 451 KB
China's Future Generation 2.0 Report
PDF 4.87 MB
Energy report for Uganda 2015
PDF 2.79 MB
Coal - problem, not solution
PDF 874 KB
Hidden Costs of Coal - Economic Costs of OECD Coal Finance
PDF 3.30 MB
Impact of climate change on species: WWF report
PDF 902 KB
The impact of climate change on species (in Turkish)
PDF 1.68 MB
China Coal Consumption Cap Plan and Research Report- Recommendations for the 13FYP
PDF 609 KB
Global coal - the acceleration of market decline report
PDF 6.52 MB
Global coal - the acceleration of market decline - executive summary
PDF 1.39 MB
Lessons in Climate Smart Policies - A Framework For Integrated Low Carbon Resilient Development
PDF 2.06 MB
Fair Shares: A civil society equity review of INDCs
PDF 3.17 MB
Coal finance: will the OECD lag behind emerging countries because of Japan?
PDF 318 KB
WWF briefing paper: Coal and climate
PDF 865 KB
WWF Africa sustainable energy access brochure
PDF 2.09 MB
WWF China - Climate and Energy programme report
PDF 2.88 MB
Crossing the divide - How to close the emissions abyss 2 report
PDF 3.34 MB
Australia can cut emissions deeply and the cost is low
PDF 2.91 MB
WWF and the UNFCCC - Adaptation matters
PDF 773 KB
Responsible for our Future - Danish pension funds and the climate change challenge
PDF 1.33 MB
Crossing the divide: how to close the emissions abyss
PDF 4.05 MB
Financing the Transition: Sustainable Infrastructure in Cities
PDF 1.20 MB
Cleantech Mexico 2015 - Executive summary
PDF 1.50 MB
It's time to peak
PDF 4.47 MB
People's Perception Study: Renewable Energy in India 2014
PDF 2.35 MB
Renewables for lifestyle shift booklet
PDF 1.02 MB
Green Energy Leaders
PDF 2.13 MB
Green Energy Leaders (Spanish)
PDF 1.24 MB
Sustainability assurance for energy from forestry (2014)
PDF 1.51 MB
The Right Climate for Development: why the SDGs must act on climate change
PDF 1.62 MB
WWF Report: Renewables Beyond Electricity - Solar Air Conditioning & Desalination in India
PDF 2.33 MB
Report - Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2014
PDF 5.24 MB
Power Forward 2.0: How American Companies Are Setting Clean Energy Targets and Capturing Greater Business Value
PDF 1.75 MB
Review of international emissions trends and policy developments
PDF 1.18 MB
Energy in the post-2015 Framework
PDF 450 KB
WWF CH-funded Gold Standard report: The Real Value of Robust Climate Action
PDF 3.93 MB
WWF Report: Decarbonising the Future: seizing power for global change
PDF 967 KB
China’s Future Generation: Assessing the Maximum Potential for Renewable Power Sources in China to 2050
PDF 2.80 MB
中国的未来发电 2050年中国可再生能源发电的最大潜力评估
PDF 2.99 MB
WWF Report : Critical materials for the transition to a 100% sustainable energy future
PDF 2.34 MB
WWF Report: 8% Private sector and low carbon growth in Mexico
PDF 796 KB
Renewables as the new normal - a synthesis of India's Energy report
PDF 2.27 MB
WWF Report : Busting the Myths: Debunking myths about renewable energy
PDF 2.88 MB
WWF Brochure: Debunking the Myths about Renewable Energy
PDF 1.97 MB
WWF Report : The Energy Report - India
PDF 1.95 MB
WWF Report : The Energy Report
PDF 13.45 MB
WWF Report : Boa Ngovu - An African Sustainable Energy Country
PDF 1.24 MB
WWF Report : "Boa Nguvu: An African Sustainable Energy Country" (Summary)
PDF 590 KB
Recommendations to the Green Climate Fund
PDF 816 KB
WWF Report: Setting and Meeting Renewable Energy Targets – lessons learned
PDF 1.96 MB
Solar PV Atlas: solar power in harmony with nature
PDF 2.16 MB
The Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2017
PDF 4.62 MB
Report: A Climate for the Future
PDF 9.28 MB
What does TCFD mean for Korean companies?
PDF 15.62 MB
The Evaluation of the Efforts of Korean Corporations to Address Climate and Energy Issues
PDF 35.18 MB
WWF: Tracking Antarctica: Responding to the climate crisis
PDF 7.82 MB
WWF Report: Visioning Futures: Improving Infrastructure Planning to Harness Nature’s Benefits in a Warming World
PDF 16.86 MB
WWF-Germany report: Just Transition to climate neutrality
PDF 1.48 MB
Climate, Nature and our 1.5C Future Report
PDF 12.52 MB
WWF: NDCs - A Force for Nature (2nd Edition)
PDF 5.41 MB
Enhancing NDCs through Nature-Based Solutions
PDF 4.03 MB
The loss of nature and rise of pandemics
PDF 1.64 MB
WWF Africa Climate Change Adaptation Initiative - Brochure
PDF 983 KB
WWF Africa Climate Change Adaptation Initiative - Strategy
PDF 829 KB
WWF Poland Report: Available and future methods of energy storage
PDF 4.56 MB
WWF India Report: Clean Energy Policy Landscape in the SME Sector
PDF 29.14 MB
WWF Brief: Formula for a Positive COVID-19 Recovery - Principles and Climate Opportunities
PDF 599 KB
WWF Submission to the UNFCCC Standing Committee on Finance - 31 July
PDF 235 KB
WWF Australia: The Time Is Now: Tackling Embodied Carbon in the Building and Construction Sector
PDF 10.21 MB
SBTi: Foundations for Science-Based Net-Zero Target Setting in the Corporate Sector
PDF 3.05 MB
WWF SA Briefing Paper: Understanding and Managing Residential Rooftop Solar PV
PDF 743 KB
WWF SA Briefing Paper: Residential Investment in Rooftop Solar PV
PDF 843 KB
Nature Hires: How Nature-based Solutions can power a green jobs recovery
PDF 2.28 MB
WWF and Practical Action: Anchoring Loss and Damage in Enhanced NDCs
PDF 981 KB
WWF UK Report: The Triple Challenge - Synergies, Trade Offs and Integrated Responses to Meet our Climate, Food and Biodiversity Goals
PDF 14.12 MB
WWF-UK Report: Feeling the Heat - The fate of nature beyond 1.5°C of global warming
PDF 6.43 MB
WWF-US Report: Power Forward 4.0: A Progress Report of the Fortune 500’s Transition to a Net-Zero Economy
PDF 3.87 MB
Asia Pacific NDCs - Recommendations for Decision Makers
PDF 6.26 MB
NDCs - A Force for Nature? (3rd Edition)
PDF 44.29 MB
WWF - Africa NDCs Recommendations for Decision-Makers
PDF 2.24 MB
Powering Nature: Creating the Conditions to Enable Nature-based Solutions
PDF 22.41 MB
Latin America and Caribbean NDCs: WWF's Recommendations for Decision-Makers
PDF 2.25 MB
A Blueprint for High-Quality Interventions that Work for People, Nature and Climate
PDF 14.88 MB
WWF Report: NDCs - A Force for Nature? 4th Edition
PDF 91.48 MB
WWF UK Report: Better Homes, Cooler Planet
PDF 2.45 MB
WWF - Our Climate's Secret Ally - Uncovering the Story of Nature in the IPCC AR6
PDF 6.33 MB