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WWF has more than 3000 projects on-the-go at any one time

We work around the world, targeting those species, places and issues that need critical attention, or where the effects of our work can have the greatest, widest impact.

In this section of the site we have given you access to our internal project database so that you can better understand the breadth and depth of work on the ground and in the corridors of power.

Many of the project profiles that you may read are written by our colleagues out in the field. Reporting back directly on what they are doing, how they are doing it, and what they are hoping to achieve. And, in some cases,  what has already been accomplished.

For the vast majority of them, English is not their first language and science is their passion - so please do not expect flowing prose and poetic parlance.

What you have here is the nitty-gritty, down to earth, real-life reports of people doing the in-the-field conservation work which you can support...

Get a global snapshot of our work

Screenshot of the online Global Map of WWF Projects © WWF
Use our dynamic satellite map to browse the world and view a selection of our key projects. Projects which can give you a quick idea of where we work and what issues we work on.

The map is zoomable, movable and if any project takes your interest, you can always dive deeper into a project to find out more about it.

View a listing of projects by date

Screenshot of the WWF complete Project Listing on © WWF
Almost every time a new project is added or updated we list them here. You can browse the complete list of WWF projects that are published online.

View projects on Google Earth

A WWF project on Google Earth © WWF
200 of WWF's on the ground projects are now available on Google Earth, the satellite imagery-based mapping tool.

You can zoom in on a sample of WWF projects and gain a better understanding of just how big the conservation challenge is and some of the things WWF is doing to address it. Find out more