WWF has organised 8 biomonitoring surveys in the past 3 years, testing around 350 people across Europe.
In 2003, WWF and the Cooperative Bank initiated a series of 'chemical check ups' in the UK to test for the presence of potentially harmful chemicals in human blood.

Since then WWF has tested Members of the European Parliament, Ministers throughout Europe, doctors and scientists, celebrities and, in spring 2005, 3 generations of 13 European families.

The results of these tests showed that everyone tested was contaminated with a variety of industrial chemicals, including pesticides banned many years ago as well as chemicals in use today, no matter where they live.

Apart from raising awareness of the extent of chemical pollution in Europe, WWF believes that biomonitoring shows how essential a strong EU chemicals regulation is, as Europeans from all ages and backgrounds are exposed to persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic chemicals of which the long-term effects are largely unknown.

The findings also clearly contradict the chemical industry's insistence that their chemicals are under 'adequate control' (despite the fact that the vast majority of them have no safety data).

Reduce your risks

There are simple actions you can take to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. And protect wildlife from the toxic threat.