An "own-goal" or "auto-goal" is when someone from a team scores a goal in their own net, against themselves. Football (or Soccer to some) for example is famous for some spectacular own goals.
In the same vein we thought we would put together 5 of the greatest environmental own goals: the things the human race has done over the centuries that have seen us make some incredibly stupid choices and make a real mess of our planet...

So join us as we count down to some of the worst environmental blunders of all time.

Starting from the top at number 5 we have...
5 Wasting water

3 Overfishing
3 Toxics and pollution
2 Invasive species
1 Global  warming

What is the greatest environmental own goal? 
© Erickson
What is the greatest environmental own goal?
© Erickson

Is it all doom and gloom?

No. You can read about the success which WWF has achieved with its partners over the last few years. Together we're making progress – the team is strong and we're out to win. If you feel like helping, we'd love to have you with us.

The small print...
"Man's greatest environmental own goals" is a subjective take on the impacts made by the human race on this planet by the Editorial Team of this web site. The views expressed here do not constitute the official opinion or view on these subjects by WWF.