The results are in...

Between 2005 and 2008 WWF gave people the chance to suggest and vote for THE place and THE species that we all must see in our lifetime.
1000s of people responded, telling us what they thought other people should see.

We have added all these suggestions and votes together and come up with an all time Top 10 listing for both species and places.

How did people choose?

With so much out there, how could people possibly choose 1 place and 1 species to recommend to someone else?

The criteria was simple:

  1. It had to make your bottom jaw suddenly go slack and descend from your upper jaw by a couple of centimetres!
  2. It had to make your breath suddenly get shorter.
  3. It has to be that, even if there was a camera in your hand,  you just knew that pictures alone were never even going to begin to convey the majesty of what you were seeing with your own eyes.

Our one and only planet has so many fantastic places and species that we're almost spoilt for choice.

And even though that choice is getting smaller... or in some cases the choices are disappearing (or more commonly referred to as going extinct)...

...there's still so much out there that stands out on this planet as amazing, astounding, and downright breathtaking...

So out of all this wonderous jaw-dropping majesty, what would be the 10 places and the 10 species you MUST SEE in your lifetime?

Here's what people told us....

During the period that we accepted votes and suggestions for this all time top 10, we also compiled several other Top 10s based on some excellent suggestions from readers such as yourself.

These other Top 10s were: