Cross-border cooperation along the Amazon’s Orinoco River

Geographical location:

Latin America/Caribbean > South America > Colombia

Latin America/Caribbean > South America > Venezuela

New potential protected area in declaration. Permanent laggon and Moriche Palm Forest. Casanare, Colombia.
© WWF Colombia / Cesar Freddy Suárez


Stretching across the borders of Colombia and Venezuela, from the Andes to the Atlantic, the Orinoco River and its surrounding water basin, including the Llanos savannah, represent one of the most biologically rich areas of the world. The region, however, is threatened by mining and agriculture pollution, urban growth, deforestation and a number of other activities.

WWF is working with local governments and communities to promote conservation and the sustainable use of biodiversity in the region. Strengthening cooperation between Colombia and Venezuela is also a major goal for conservation in the Orinoco.


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A river basin level vision developed with the full participation of key stakeholders in the region.

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