More than 29,000 near extinct Erythrina seedlings planted | WWF
More than 29,000 near extinct Erythrina seedlings planted

Posted on 13 January 2020

in collaboration with Mpingo Conservation and Development Initiative (MCDI) WWF has been implementing a restoration project with support from WWF Germany and Cosmetics company KNEIPP since 2016 focusing on restoring the declared near extinct Erythrinaspp. and Karomiagigas species endemic to the coastal forests of the eastern Tanzania.
More than 29,090 seedlings planted over the project period. The target was to
plant 30,000 seedlings, thus the achievement is 97% with tree survival of over 50%. About
200 community members (129 men, 71 women) from Mchakama village took part in this
tree planting exercise. To protect the seedlings from baboons, the planted seedlings were
sprayed with a local repellent known as Sifa to protect the seedlings from being uprooted by
the baboons which prefer eating Erythrina seedling tubers and this innovation improved the
survival of the planted seedlings.
The species in restoration have actually been part of the ecosystem but over years these
tree species have been disappearing due to being cut down for medicinal requirements and
also farm clearing. The restoration work was partly to improve the forest cover and
restore the ecosystem.
Erythna planting in Kilwa
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