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GFTN Newsletter - July 2013

Posted on 02 August 2013

Major highlights: WWF-IKEA partnership, groundbreaking progress in China, FSC uptick

News highlights

Peru’s native community signs second contract for responsible management
The indigenous community of Puerto Esperanza and GFTN participant CFA ink a second major contract.

The challenge of increasing FSC certified area in the tropics
GFTN participated in a two-day meeting hosted by the Forest Stewardship Council to discuss the myriad of issues surrounding certification in tropical forests.

WWF takes part in annual Forest Movement Europe meeting in Sweden
The annual gathering shed light on the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) process, development of the EU Timber Regulation and key trends in the forest products sector.

The WWF and IKEA partnership: Celebrating ten years of action
WWF and IKEA this year celebrate ten years of jointly promoting responsible forest management and trade. Today, the partnership spans across 13 countries to promote responsible use of resources with a special focus on the forest and cotton production and markets. Read more

WWF/GFTN releases Guide to Lesser Known Tropical Timber Species
The new guide, released to GFTN participants in August, aims to increase awareness of alternative species to prevent over-exploitation of highly valuable commercial timber species. The guide is available on MyGFTN for GFTN participants


Chinese government takes significant steps towards responsible forest management
The policy development and business engagement in forest sectors run by the Forest Programme at WWF-China have contributed in part to the global shift and market transformation in China today.

WWF and Tetra Pak launch FSC awareness campaign in Romania
The aim of the campaign is to promote FSC packaging and to make consumers aware of how their choices can contribute to environmental protection. Read more

The road to 100 per cent forest certification for WIJMA
We talk to Sebastian Delion, WIJMA's Director in Charge of Sustainable Management and Certification, on how the company has achieved and promoted credible certification in the Congo Basin.

More than 100,000 hectares certified FSC under GFTN-Indonesia
The milestone was achieved after the recent certification of Perum Perhutani and PT. Ratah Timber, which GFTN supported and trained in their journey towards certification.

FSC Global Market Survey Report 2012
Of those surveyed, 80 per cent saw demand for FSC certified products increasing or staying the same, while 98 per cent indicated they were planning to renew or keep their FSC certification for a new term.

Sorvizhi-les’ business model promotes responsible management in Russia
In collaboration with GFTN-Russia and the local community, Russian logging company Sorvizhi-les has created a business model that not only supports responsible forest management practices, but also brings new economic opportunities to the local community.

Getting to the root of the problem through wood tracing
Technological advances over the last decade have made it possible to produce tamper-proof tracking information on the true origin of timber.

HP's Everyday Office paper line is now FSC certified
The achievement makes HP one of North America's first major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) office paper brands (as per NPD data 2012), to offer a complete portfolio of papers that is entirely FSC certified.

Forests in Khabarovsk under threat
The Khabarovsk forests of the Russian Far East are under serious threat from a combination of illegal – even legal – forestry activities.
Forests of the Puerto Esperanza community, Peru
© Diego Perez/WWF-Peru