WWF statement on CITES' decisions on Asian Big Cats and captive breeding facilities

Posted on August, 26 2019

Trade from tiger farms fuels demand and hampers enforcement and WWF welcomes the decisions made towards addressing the role they are playing in perpetuating the illegal tiger trade.
In response to the CITES committee decisions related to Asian Big Cats and Captive Breeding Facilities, WWF issued a statement from Heather Sohl, Tiger Trade Leader for WWF:
“WWF highlights the need for urgent action within countries with facilities keeping captive tigers across Asia that have been implicated in illegal tiger trade.
“Trade from these farms fuels demand and hampers enforcement, which means tigers in the wild face more threat from poaching. Such facilities need greater scrutiny and tighter controls.  We welcome the decisions made here in Geneva that will work towards strengthening legislation, improving law enforcement, reducing demand for tiger parts and products and addressing the role tiger farms are playing in perpetuating the illegal tiger trade.”
Tiger Farm
© Ola Jennersten, Naturfotograferna, IBL Bildbyrå / WWF