COP28: WWF responds to ‘encouraging’ new Global Stocktake draft text

Posted on December, 08 2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (8 December): WWF responds to the new Global Stocktake draft text, published today at COP28.

Shirley Matheson, NDC Enhancement Coordinator, WWF International, said: “This new Global Stocktake draft text is a move in the right direction. The language on fossil fuels is much improved, with most options including a fossil fuel phase out. It is concerning to see the option to have no text relating to fossil fuels still remains in this draft. This must be rejected, along with options that give countries the scope to delay action or rely on technologies that have not been proven at scale. The Global Stocktake needs to be the moment the world acknowledges that the age of fossil fuels must end. 

“It is also good to see enhanced language on increasing the ambition of national climate plans, as well as on nature. The Global Stocktake must give countries the tools and support to deliver a course correction in climate action. Countries must move away from a menu of all options. We need the highest possible ambition for a liveable planet."

Vanessa Morales, Senior Expert, Climate and Energy, WWF International, said: "It is encouraging to see nature-based solutions included in the latest Global Stocktake text. There is still much work ahead to secure the type of guidance and ways forward which will give countries the necessary tools to respond with greater action on nature - including on adaptation and mitigation. Crucially, 30 to 50 percent of land, oceans and freshwater carbon sinks need to be safeguarded and enhanced, and this is yet to be fully acknowledged. We now need to see the language strengthened so it commits governments to accelerate their implementation with the finance and scale required. There is little time left and a lot to do."


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