WWF responds to IEA Net-Zero Report

Posted on 26 September 2023

New report from the International Energy Agency shows bolder action is necessary this decade to triple global renewable power capacity by 2030 and phase out fossil fuels.
The International Energy Agency has released an updated version of its Net Zero Roadmap, which offers and updated pathway to reach net-zero emisisons by 2050 and limit global warming to 1.5 ̊C. 

Dean Cooper, Global Energy Lead at WWF, said: "The updated IEA Net Zero report, published today, underlines the stark truth that governments and other stakeholders must finally acknowledge. We must take dramatic action now. We cannot develop new upstream oil and gas projects - they will cause lasting damage to our climate, and are not needed. Neither are new coal mines, mine extensions or new unabated coal plants.

"What we do need is to accelerate the scaling up of solar and wind energy and commitment from financiers, public and private, to enable this. We must ensure that there is agreement at COP28 on a global renewable energy goal, and work together to phase out fossil fuels with a definitive timeline. Anything delaying coordinated global action will cause great harm to people, nature, and our planet."
After five month’s training in solar power engineering, four women in Tinginaput, India are transforming their remote village - bringing light and electricity to their homes.
© Abbie Trayler-Smith / UK DFID (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)