WWF responds to IEA World Energy Outlook 2022 report

Posted on 27 October 2022

(26 October 2022) - Responding to the IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2022 report, published today, Dean Cooper, WWF Global Energy Lead, said: “It is welcome to see that the demand for fossil fuels is declining, but it is still not fast enough. At the current rate of change, temperatures will still rise by at least 2.5°C by 2100, which would be catastrophic for people and the planet. The burning of coal, oil and gas must be rapidly phased-out if we are to have a world worth leaving to our children and grandchildren.


“A key trend identified by the report, that where renewable energy policies are being enacted, they are creating huge opportunities for growth and jobs, is great news. But even these current commitments are insufficient to see the structural change to key sectors of the economy that is needed. In the current cost of living crisis, this is key to reducing energy bills and demand for energy. 


“The economic opportunities provided by a transition to clean energy will also only be realised if we have a just and equitable energy transformation worldwide, with support of all communities affected. We must see a massive increase in investment. And the speed of change has to significantly accelerate, with exponential and transformational progress rather than incremental steps.


“COP27 must be the place where developed economies continue showing the importance they attach to these energy issues. They must agree to a Mitigation Work Programme that leverages the energy decision from Glasgow to spur a fossil fuel phase-out (coal, oil and gas), and the promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean technology worldwide.


“We cannot afford to miss turning the unprecedented energy crisis into an opportunity for a comprehensive transformation of the global energy system. Our climate needs this and our planet needs it.”



Robin Harvey, Media Relations Manager, WWF International rharvey@wwfint.org 

WWF International newsdesk: news@wwfint.org


Editor’s notes:

WWF COP27 Expectations paper is available to read here.
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