WWF-Bulgaria Releases Sustainable Business Boardgame

Posted on December, 18 2019

“Whenever you take something from nature, be responsible and also give back to it.”- WWF-Bulgaria
This is the concept behind WWF-Bulgaria’s new "Wheelville." It is not just another board game. It has its own philosophy.
In Wheelville, players assume the roles of creative entrepreneurs and develop their own businesses in a small, isolated village. Since the resources are not unlimited, players must also use the resources responsibly. The goal is to find the balance between profit and sustainability.
The game involves a compelling story combined with recognisable game mechanics. While the original idea was generated by WWF staff, the original art and design are provided by a professional Bulgarian designer who was chosen from among 400 applicants.
Funding for the game’s development and the prototype was secured by being among five winners of the Bulgarian Center for Non-governmental Law’s (BCNL) "Social Entrepreneurship for NGOs Competition.” The focus of the competition was on innovative ideas.
Balancing profit and sustainability.
© WWF-Bulgaria
A compelling story combined with recognisable game mechanics
© WWF-Bulgaria