US Intent to Withdraw from Paris Agreement Triggers Renewed Call to Action

Posted on 01 June 2017

WWF statement on President Trump's announcement on the Paris Agreement.
GLAND, Switzerland (1 June, 2017) – President Donald Trump today announced his intent to withdraw the United States from the historic Paris Agreement, the world’s first global plan to address climate change. This announcement is a call to action to national and local governments, businesses and people worldwide to step up their commitments to address climate change.
The historic agreement, approved in December 2015, commits nearly 200 countries to pursue all efforts to limit global temperature increase to 1.5°C to stave off some of the worst impacts of a warming planet.
In response, WWF’s global Climate & Energy Practice Leader Manuel Pulgar-Vidal said: “The Paris Agreement is the world’s collective response to tackling climate change. But the transformative power of the Paris Agreement lies in the targets that it triggers, and nations must hold each other accountable for their promises.
“A race to the bottom when it comes to our efforts to cut carbon pollution benefits no one as climate change affects everyone.
“Cities, states, companies and the public in the US and around the world support climate action, and are already contributing to creating low-carbon economies from the bottom up.
“Fortunately, the Paris Agreement is bigger than any one nation or any one government. We can still achieve the promise of Paris, but we have no time to lose. Countries around the world must seize the opportunity to unleash this potential, invest in renewable energy that eliminates harmful carbon pollution, and build economies that are more resilient, inclusive and prosperous.”
 Carter Roberts, president and CEO of World Wildlife Fund-US said: “The Paris Agreement emerged as nations put aside politics to reverse course on this threat to our way of life. The US helped lead that charge.
“The Agreement does more than tie nations together around a common vision. It creates a blueprint for cooperation, for political stability, and job creation. Our booming nation’s clean energy economy employs more than 3.3 million Americans – more than all the jobs in the fossil fuel industry combined. The players in the real American economy understand we don’t have to choose between economic prosperity and a safer future for our families and communities.

“From big retailers like Walmart to electric utilities like Pacific Gas & Electric to technology companies like Google and Apple, American businesses have been steadfast in their support for the Paris Agreement. Oil, gas and coal companies like Royal Dutch Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, and Peabody Coal have supported staying in the Paris Agreement, which makes today’s announcement all the more confounding.

"Its baffling to see our President walk away from Paris, given the potential that climate solutions offer for new markets and new jobs.  We can ill afford any further retreat from our country’s commitment to climate action, and commit to double down in our work with America’s cities, states and businesses, not to mention Congress and other countries, to fill the leadership gap just created by the White House."

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The Paris Agreement is a global climate deal aimed at curbing climate change.
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