WWF Forest Sector Transformation Annual Review 2016

Posted on January, 26 2017

The FST Annual Review 2016 recaps WWF's most notable achievements.
The FST Annual Review 2016 recaps WWF's most notable achievements in forest sector transformation and our work with partners and participants to protect forests through a solutions-oriented, integrated and local to global approach.

Major highlights

Tackling illegal timber trade
2016 brought positive developments in the fight against illegal logging in both forest and consumer countries. WWF was at the forefront of many of those critical efforts.

Thinking outside the wooden box
A move toward greater collaboration at the World Forestry Congress 2015 and through the new WWF Forest Solutions Platform.

Making sustainable forest management profitable
FSC certification can directly benefit the bottom line of certain type of forest operations, making it good for the planet and good for business.

Planting new ideas
New Generation Plantations (NGP) study tours expanded to more diverse areas, bringing together many different stakeholders to understand and showcase how well managed plantations can benefit nature.

From controversy to cooperation
A responsible forestry roundtable is improving forest management and legal compliance by Chinese companies in Gabon.

Communities taking control 
From the Central African Republic to Cameroon, community engagement and capacity building is a cornerstone of WWF's work in Central Africa.

Towards legal timber in Bolivia and beyond
Smartphone technology is one of the innovations supporting responsible forest management in Bolivia.

US companies play leadership role to save the world's forests
Promoting FSC is central to the approach of some of the country's top brands.

GFTN participant Fortum Varme leading the way on bioenergy
Swedish company became the first in the world to receive FSC Chain of Custody certification, and has upped the ante on sustainably produced bioenergy.

New hope for Guinea's forests
A new model of sustainable forest management is helping protect forests from slash-and-burn and agricultural activities that have been causing deforestation.

Smallholders in China see fruits of FSC certification
Thousands of small-scale tree farmers in Linyi, China, have joined forces to benefit from the growing demand for certified timber.

And much more...
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