New development funding framework agreed

Posted on November, 12 2015

A new international finance framework that integrates economic growth with sustainable development, environmental protection and social inclusion has been agreed in July in Ethiopia.
A new international finance framework that integrates economic growth with sustainable development, environmental protection and social inclusion has been agreed in July in Ethiopia. Dubbed the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, the accord mobilizes governments, private sector, and development partners to finance the new global sustainable development agenda. This is the first of three key agreements in 2015 that have great significance for the future of the planet – along with the UN sustainable development goals agreed in September and the upcoming climate summit in Paris at year end. WWF supported this process pushing for transparency and respect for human rights, and prioritization of low carbon climate resilient sustainable development solutions.
Agreement at UN financing conference gives hope for a new sustainable development agenda
© Edward Parker / WWF

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