REDD+ for People and Nature: A case study of an integrated approach to REDD+ readiness in Mai-Ndombe, DRC

Posted on November, 26 2012

This publication is a case study of REDD+ preparation activities and efforts undertaken by WWF and its partners in the Maï-Ndombe region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It is not intended to represent all REDD+ efforts in the DRC.

Its purpose is to present and share experiences, lessons learned and stakeholder testimonies in a non-technical and user-friendly way that builds the capacity of REDD+ practitioners around the globe at local, national and international levels to inform REDD+ policy decisions and increase REDD+ readiness and implementation. 
These experiences and lessons learned also make the link between the local and the global. They highlight the level of ambition and commitment that exists at the local level, so that global policy makers can keep pace and meet this demand with their own ambition and commitment.

Two complementing video shorts have also been produced with this Case Study.


Flory Botamba -- DRC-WWF, REDD+ Project Manager -- introduces the Mai-Ndombe project:

Tosi Mpanu Mpanu, Head of CN-REDD in the DRC under the Ministry of Environment, discusses REDD+ in the DRC: