WWF's Photographers

Credits for WWF Gift Certificates

Listed here are the photocredits for the images used for the gift certificates from WWF's Gifts for a Living Planet:

  • Polar bear mother and cubs. Churchhill area, Manitoba, Canada: WWF-Canon /Michel Terrettaz
  • Cambodian children holding carp: WWF-Canon / Martin Hogan
  • Local women. Mwanachingwala, Zambia: WWF-Canon / Martin Harvey
  • Cork tree. Near Andalucia, Spain: WWF-Canon / Edward Parker
  • Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard Breeding Center Darjiling, West Bengal India: WWF-Canon / Neyret & Benastar 
  • Eastern lowland gorilla: WWF-Canon / Chris Martin Bahr
  • Green sea turtle. Indo-Pacific Ocean: WWF-Canon / Jürgen Freund
  • Giant Panda. Sichuan Province, China: WWF-Canon / Bernard De Wetter
  • Children participating in nature march. Madagascar: WWF-Canon