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Pandas in the Wild

Posted on 12 November 2018

Maria Fernanda Jaramillo, WWF Forest and Climate’s Knowledge Sharing and Learning Manager, and Emelin Gasparrini, WWF Forest and Climate’s Communications Associate, spent the first week of July in Guyana collecting lessons learned from partners in Georgetown and Annai. You can read more about their trip in this and future issues.

WWF’s engagement in the Global Climate Action Summit was a network-wide endeavor, and Josefina Brana-Varela, Senior Director of WWF Forest and Climate, was in San Francisco in September to join the delegation as part of the core team working on the 30X30 Forests, Food and Land Challenge. Josefina’s engagement spanned the full week of events, and she kicked it all off by joining the 200 members of the WWF community who joined the the Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice March.

The end of September brought Naikoa Aguilar-Amuchastegui, Director Forest Carbon Science,
 to Paris, to contribute WWF forest carbon science expertise in back-to-back workshops: the First User Workshop of European Space Agency’s Climate Change Initiative BIOMASS Project, and the Fourth Expert workshop on Lessons Learned from Accuracy Assessments in the Context of REDD+, organized by the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, Global Forest Observations Initiative, and Global Observations of Forest and Land Dynamics. Joining his peers from academic, multilateral, and government institutions, Naikoa was the only scientist in attendance representing a conservation NGO. Ever the pragmatist, Naikoa summarized his perspective on generating the best forest emissions data succinctly, “You have to make sure that science has a practical application, and that the needs on the ground are known so science can advance to meet them. But, sometimes that means that the best science to apply is the boring one.”
Maria Fernanda Jaramillo, leading a workshop in Annai, Guyana. July 2018.
© Emelin Gasparrini
Josefina Braña-Varela, with WWF's Lou Leonard, at the Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice March in San Francisco. September 2018.
© Emelin Gasparrini
Naikoa Aguilar-Amuchastegui, (pictured far left, back row, third from the end) with other GFOI workshop participants in Paris. September 2018.
© Martin Herold