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Amur-Heilong Biodiversity

Amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica)
23 Jun 2013

Russia’s State Duma has approved legislative amendments that mean tougher punishments for poaching ...

03 Dec 2012

A group of captive-bred red deer that were released into a nature reserve in Northeast China’s ...

15 Nov 2012

A Russian man convicted of killing an endangered Amur tiger has been sentenced to 14 months ...

18 Sep 2012

Russia and Germany: cooperation on climate stabilization and conservation of Korean pine forests ...

12 Sep 2012

IUCN World Commission on Protected

29 Jul 2012

A new recovery project in Northeast China is helping repopulate an important tiger habitat with ...

29 Jul 2012

As tiger range countries today celebrate Global Tiger Day, WWF is urging the governments to raise ...

05 Jun 2012

Booming economic development and per-capita consumption across the Asia-Pacific region is burning ...

12 May 2012

A recent preliminary assessment of 63 legally protected areas in seven tiger range countries shows ...

27 Apr 2012

Northeast China’s Jilin Province Department of Forestry says the endangered Amur leopard ...

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Lotus lake at Ussury floodplain. Dongfanghong Nature Reserve
© Amur-Heilong wetland ecosystems play a crucial role in survival of rare and endagered vegetation species, such as wild lotus © WWF / Eugene Simonov

Okhotsk-Manchurian taiga forest
© Boreal forests - home for the northernmost extent of Manchurian species © WWF Russia / Eugene Egidarev

Source of 2nd Songhua River. Changbai Mountains Bioshpere Reserve. February 2007
© Mauntain ranges cross the region adding landscape diversity to the basin. Source of 2nd Songhua River. Changbai Mountains Bioshpere Reserve © WWF / Eugene Simonov

Red-crowned cranes and swan on fall migration. Dornod Eastern Mongolia. Fall 2006
© Grassland and freshwater ecoregions are inseparable features of the plains of the Amur-Heilong basin © WWF Russia / Vadim Kiriliuk

© Ussury broadleaf and mixed forests - home for ginseng (Panax ginseng), a highly valuable medical plant that is now severely depleted © WWF Russia / Vladimir Medvedev