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The conservation of nature benefits every living being on the planet, including humans. Today, more than ever, we must keep the fight for greater environmental protection and global climate action.

In work related to Climate and Energy, WWF deeply regrets that COP25 is no longer being held in Chile and expresses its solidarity with its people and it greatly appreciates Spain's generous offer to provide a home for the UN Climate Change Conference. Thanks to this, the expectations of a successful COP remain in place. On the other hand, several Guatemalan organizations signed a declaration that recognizes the importance of ecosystem-based adaptation.

With respect to Oceans, WWF-Peru and other organizations celebrated another edition of Festimar festival in twelve Peruvian fishing communities.

In Forests, more than 80 Argentine organizations joined the “Great Chaco Argentina 2030 Commitment,” an initiative to stop the degradation and land use changes in the Chaco region. In Mexico, on the other hand, the WWF-Telmex Telcel Foundation Alliance premiered “The Monarch Butterfly: The queen of the forest’s extraordinary hibernation”.

In Wildlife efforts, WWF’s first jaguar collaring mission revealed a flourishing population on an Amazonian island in Brazil. Also, community monitors and park rangers from Ecuador, began their sonar training in order to study the Amazonian manatee. Meanwhile, two young Colombians won the WWF global biodiversity competition.

Lastly, in Markets, Bolivia evaluated the performance of forest management in the Chiquitania region. In addition, WWF-Paraguay presented the “Commitment to Forests Guide” for the retailers, supermarkets and refrigerators sector.

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COP25 expectations remain high

After the official confirmation that COP25 will be held in Madrid, Spain, on the same dates that it was scheduled in Santiago, Chile, WWF representatives valued this decision and pledged to redouble their efforts to achieve significant progress in the face of the global climate crisis.

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Declaration recognizes the importance of Ecosystem-Based Adaptation

Several organizations in Guatemala signed a declaration to recognize the importance of implementing Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EBA) actions in the country. This was promoted through the Climate Integration-Sustainable Development Goals project carried out by WWF-Mesoamerica, TMG Think Tank and ADIMI (a local association) with funds from the German Government International Climate Initiative.

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Festimar 2019: Fishing communities commit to sea conservation

WWF-Peru and other local institutions and municipalities, have organized Festimar, the annual sea habitat and species conservation festival, since 2016. It targets coastal communities, while local youth gather every year to learn how their actions can generate a change and help stop the ocean pollution. In addition, Festimar aims to promote the conservation of the coastal marine ecosystem and its biodiversity, raising awareness and promoting behavioral changes that contribute to the protection of nature in coastal communities.

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More than 80 organizations join forces to save the Argentine Gran Chaco

Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina joined a group of 80 civil society organizations and academia, that launched the “Gran Chaco Commitment 2030” on 22 October. This initiative aims to consolidate conservation and native forest protection efforts and save the Chaco region, which is in an critical situation. Through a newly signed agreement, organizations demand that the government, the private sector and civil society all act urgently to avoid deforestation and land-use changes in the Gran Chaco the natural ecosystems, and their serious consequences.

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Monarch Butterfly documentary is premiered in nation’s capital

The documentary “The Monarch Butterfly: The queen of the forest’s extraordinary hibernation,” produced by the WWF-Telmex Telcel Foundation Alliance, was a premiered in one of Mexico’s most important commercial centers. The film includes interviews with researchers such as Eduardo Rendón, Deputy Director of Terrestrial Ecosystems for WWF-Mexico, who has worked for over 26 years to promote the conservation of the Monarch and the forests where it takes refuge during the winter.

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WWF’s first jaguar collaring mission reveals flourishing population on Amazonian island

On International Jaguar Day, WWF shares work to better understand and track jaguars using satellite technologyThe mission, part-funded by WWF-UK and undertaken by WWF-Brazil, the Instituto Onça-Pintada and Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade, took place on a protected Amazonian island off the coast of Brazil, in October.

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Sonar training for community monitors and park rangers

Community monitors and park rangers of the Cuyabeno Reserve began their side-scan sonar training, a tool that will allow them to study the Amazonian manatee. Despite the mammal’s importance in the Amazonian aquatic ecosystem, there is a dearth of information regarding its current state of conservation in Ecuador and the region. This collective research initiative seeks to fill this void and promote the species’ conservation.

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Two young Colombians won the global biodiversity competition in India

After two months of tests and qualifying rounds in five cities, Colombia chose its two representatives for the global “Wild Wisdom Quiz” contest. The students, aged 14 and 15, were the only Latin American representatives and managed to win the competition.

This is an unprecedented achievement, since it was also the first time that Colombia participated in this global education initiative, that has been led by WWF-India for more than 10 years.

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Better forest management in Chiquitana communities

Good forest management allows families to improve their short-term income and ensure forest protection and species conservation in the long-term. WWF-Bolivia, along with BOS+’s support and in coordination with the National Forest and Land Authority (ABT) and the National Indigenous Forest Association (AFIN), is promoting the Wood Value Chain Management project. This helped evaluate forest management performance in the three communities of the Chiquitanía where it was implemented.

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Commitment to Forests Guide for retailers, supermarkets and refrigeration sector

During the 21st Expo of the Paraguayan Chamber of Supermarkets, WWF-Paraguay presented the Commitment to Forests Guide, a tool for interested companies that seeks to strengthen their supplier management. This operational guide will help promote efficiency in supply chain management and position products that comply with sustainability standards, emphasizing the conservation of native forests, biodiversity and ecosystem services.

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