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Hawksbill Turtles of the Caribbean

Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata).
Let’s learn about hawksbills!
You can access oceanographic information for the Caribbean Sea, such as sea surface temperature (SST), salinity, marine currents and bathymetry. The web pages also include maps of the distribution of coral and seagrass pasture ecosystems.

Information on sea turtle habitat is combined with hawksbill nesting data and migration routes as determined by satellite tracking or by the returns of external tags. It also includes information about nesting beaches for most of the nations and territories of the wider Caribbean, as well as threats to the species in the region.

The site also offers the possibility of creating your own maps and accessing cartographic material, and complementary documents and images. An extensive monograph on the biology and conservation status of Caribbean hawksbills completes the range of information.

Please feel free to contribute any material you have on hawksbills, to help us improve these web pages. Please email us.

Carlos Drews
Regional Marine Programme and
Species Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin American Caribbean Regional Marine Turtle Coordinator Carlos Drews discussing the issue of ... 
© WWF / Richard McLellan
Regional Marine Programme and Species Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, Carlos Drews discussing the issue of marine turtles - 'better alive than dead' with long-serving Project Monitor July Ngubane at Bhanga Nek.
© WWF / Richard McLellan

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