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Reviving the Ocean Economy
Earth is distinguished from all other known planets by the presence of a warm, salty ocean that covers more than two-thirds of its surface. Its value to our planet is incalculable, but has been brought into sharp focus by the fact that the future of humanity is dependent on the health of the ocean, and the goods and services it provides. Yet this invaluable resource that feeds us, stabilizes the climate and provides countless other benefits is showing serious signs of failing health. Ocean health is declining due to local stresses such as habitat destruction, overfishing and pollution, as well as global climate change.
Reviving the Ocean Economy Report
WWF’s Reviving the Ocean Economy report clearly spells out what we all stand to lose if the mismanagement of ocean assets continues. Recognizing that science alone is an insufficient motivator, we have combined the evidence of serious environmental degradation with the economic case for urgent action.

The ocean can be a powerful economic engine, but only if managed sustainably.
Reviving the Ocean Economy
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