WWF responds to COP26 decision text

Posted on 10 November 2021

Responding to the release of the latest COP26 Cover Decision Text on Wenesday 10 November, 2021, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, WWF Global Lead Climate & Energy said: 

“We welcome the comprehensive text on the cover decisions. It recognizes the shortfall of current ambition and the scale of the task we have in front of us. 

"It includes a number of mechanisms proposed to enhance ambition. Among them is the call for countries to review and enhance 2030 targets, a first mention to the relevance of phasing-out fossil fuels subsidies alongside a reference to the role of nature-based solutions for climate adaptation and mitigation.  

"As the text continues to improve and become more specific, these elements must stick. 

"With the world still on course for dangerous global warming, it is essential that Ministers work to include a clear plan to close the 2030 ambition gap and the timeframe to do this.

"It is clear that there is more to be done, and negotiators must improve the areas of the text that are still weak. This must be a floor, not a ceiling.”

Commenting on the inclusion of nature-based solutions in the COP26 draft cover text, Fernanda Carvalho, WWF Global Policy Manager Climate and Energy, said:

“The reference to nature-based solutions in the draft cover text is important and innovative. This is the first time an explicit reference to nature-based solutions and ecosystems-based adaptation as key contributions to climate change mitigation and adaptation has been included. It is critical that it not only stays in the final COP negotiated outcome but is strengthened through a mention of their role in limiting global warming to 1.5℃. 

“We know that we need to make fast and deep cuts to fossil fuel emissions, but science is clear that we won’t prevent impacts to people and ecosystems and achieve our science-based mitigation goals without also taking action on nature. We will only be successful in tackling climate change and nature loss if we address them together. COP26 must be the moment that world leaders recognize the key role nature must play in keeping 1.5℃ within reach, and embed it fully within the UNFCCC process. Anything less is worse than a missed opportunity - it is negligence that risks a dying planet.”
UNFCCC flags dot the skyline.
© WWF Japan / Naoyuki Yamagishi