COP28 renewables pledge will only be meaningful if leaders also pledge to phase out fossil fuels

Posted on December, 02 2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2 December): WWF welcomes 116 countries pledging to triple renewable energy generation capacity and to double the global average annual rate of energy efficiency improvements, but warns that without also phasing out fossil fuels, the most devastating consequences of the climate crisis will not be avoided.

Dean Cooper, WWF Global Energy Lead, said: “Countries have rightly recognised that renewable energy is the future of the Earth’s energy generation needs with this pledge, but without phasing out all fossil fuels at the same time, we will not prevent the worst consequences of the climate crisis. It is vital that the world rapidly reaches a 100% renewable energy system, with far greater energy efficiency. The plans for decarbonising the current energy system in this pledge are far too limited to achieve that goal. This pledge only includes commitments to address issues such as methane emissions and routine flare, and promotes the use of emission reduction technologies that have not been proven at scale. These measures cannot be a replacement for rapid and deep cuts in emissions that can only be achieved by ending the age of fossil fuels. For a credible outcome at COP28, leaders must commit to phase out all fossil fuels.”


Robin Harvey, WWF International, Media Relations Manager,