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Reverse nature loss
Nature can thrive again
We can be smarter about how we use our oceans, freshwater and land, and how we produce energy, food and other resources.

We have the knowledge and capability to move towards a better future for people and nature. And we’re already exploring new ways to feed our growing population, meet our energy demands and manage our water supply.

Now is the time to get behind these solutions to ensure that everyone gets a fair share without destroying nature.

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Reset the global agenda in 2020
We're rapidly approaching an unmissable opportunity for the world to change direction.
2020 sees a historic moment when world leaders will take key decisions on the environment, climate and sustainable development. These decisions will set the agenda for the next decade.

Together, we can influence these global decisions and send a message that it's no longer acceptable to continue destroying our natural world – and that we can take a different, better path.

Put simply, we need governments to commit to halt and start reversing the loss of nature, and restore nature to more sustainable levels.

Wildlife populations have declined, on average, by 60% between 1970 and 2012.

Living Planet Report 2018

How you can help
The work to reset the global agenda starts now.
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Please help build stronger connections between people and nature by sharing your own connection with others. Join the conversation and #Connect2Earth today!

Find out more about WWF’s contribution to creating a better future – and see how you can get involved. Consumers, corporations and governments all have a role to play. 

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