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World cleanup day - Madagascar without single-use plastics

Posted on 21 September 2020

Around the world and in Madagascar, we have been celebrating World Cleanup Day every 3rd Saturday of September since 2018. This year, the day of September 19th is dedicated to the fight against plastic pollution in Madagascar, led by "Let's do it Madagascar".

This global civic movement unites 180 countries and millions of people around the world to clean up the planet. Initiated by "Let's do it Madagascar", a member of the Namako Ny Tany committee, the celebration in Madagascar is marked by a strong mobilization of youth. A total of 70 associations in 11 cities in Madagascar took part in a major cleanup in 25 sites.

According to Andon'ny Aina Danielson Raharinirina, JCI Iarivo Project Manager Tanàna Madio, "World Cleanup Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the environmental impact of plastics ; especially if it is thrown anywhere. I participate in this event to encourage people to denounce people who throw their garbage on the street ; to alarm young people like me and encourage everyone to be more responsible for the environment." At the Ampasampito Technical High School in the capital of Madagascar, a hundred young people from 17 associations including JCI Iarivo, Let's do it Madagascar, RCOI, the Ank'Izy association and the Vintsy University Club collected 30m3 of waste. "It's not our waste, it's our planet" he concludes.

Despite the context of the health crisis linked to Covid-19, the day was also an opportunity to debate on waste and share good practices and sustainable solutions to problems related to plastics. A webinar under the theme of "Sustainable Entrepreneurship, the case of plastics", was organized with the participation of Baomiavotse Vahinala Raharinirina, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development.

Come on, Malagasy youth! The Earth is our friend (Namako ny Tany) !